Cost-effective remote collections from anywhere at a very low MDR!

Simple, non intrusive and diverse payment options!

Collect payments from anywhere seamlessly

PayBee's Remote Collect makes it incredibly easy for you to make remote collections in an instant.

Bulk, recurrent collection invoices can be uploaded from the portal and singular remote invoices can be uploaded from within the app.


Payment link is sent to all the customers via SMS and payments can be made from anywhere through any UPI app.

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With Paybee’s Remote Collect, there is no setup or rental cost. Just download the app or register your business with PayBee and start remote collections immediately.


Collect payments securely and at a very low MDR of 0.5%.

Pay Per Use!

No new hardware! No Monthly Rental!

Real Time Tracking

Instant confirmation for Business and Customer!

PayBee's Remote Collect notifies both you and your customer instantly and you can also track your payments live with the intuitive interface from within the app or from within the portal. 

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Secure payments at very low MDR!

Experience effective collections at low cost!

Remote collect enables businesses to collect payments securely from customers at a very low MDR having a significant impact on total cost of collections! 

Faster cash cycles, low MDR with reduced value leakage leads to significant improvement for collection operations and margins!