Everything you need to revolutionize invoice management and payments

Instant Payments

Discard wallets and acquire direct efficiency gains

PayBee payments are powered by the UPI platform enabling instant credit into bank accounts reducing cash realization cycles.

Faster cash cycles reduces value leakage and leads to significant productivity improvement for collection operations.

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Home Theater Installation

Plug and Play

Seamless Integration Capabilities

PayBee can seamlessly integrate with customers existing systems landscape be it Accounting, ERP, DMS or SFA systems and add tremendous value without expensive investments

Real Time Tracking

360-degree view of the transaction log

Track all outstanding invoices and transactions in one place, having a holistic view of collections and payments enabling better business decisions

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Integrated Credit and Analytics Support

Value added Services to accelerate your business

Our integrated credit offering through our partners, and analytics on brand, product performance helps customers accelerate their growth